Rename to EXIF date

Rename to EXIF date 0.1

An extremely simple tool to rename your JPEG files using their EXIF data
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You will hardly find applications with a more basic interface and simpler functionality than those in Rename to EXIF date. All you have to do to change the name of your image files to the date and time stored in the image’s EXIF information, is drag and drop each file into the small window that opens when running the program.

This one-task tiny utility offers you no other interface than a small window with a retro-like image of an "old" photo film. Here is where you have to drop your JPEG files - one at a time, a bunch of them, or a folder containing any number of supported image files. Note that not all cameras store EXIF data in the images you take with them, and that only JPEG and TIFF files accept this type of metadata. (You can check the metadata stored in your images simply by taking a look at the file properties.) Once the name change has been performed, all the feedbacks you will get from the program is the exact time at which the renaming operation finished.

If the precise date and time your photos were taken is your favorite classification method, this useful tool will let you organize your full collection of images quickly and efficiently. On a side note, remember that Rename to EXIF date neither makes a copy of the original file nor appends the EXIF data to the existing name - it simply renames the original file without asking you first, so use it wisely.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Minimal interface for a straightforward functionality


  • Absolute lack of any kind of configuration settings
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